Whale Shark Gorontalo

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Whale Shark Gorontalo


Now, on 15 January 2020 The Whale shark fish already come back in Gorontalo Bay, they come now 5 pieces, now is the Session of The Whale shark in Gorontalo, if you want to Snorkling trip with this Giant fish, you can Contact

Whatsapp or Telephone : +62 822 5968 6668, the Price Snorkeling trip Package is 250.000 Rupiah/person (price include : Transport from hotel,boat trip,entrance permith Marine Reserve, Local Guide Snorkeling).

Gorontalo bay is the place Guaranted spot for watching the whale shark,because the ecosystem of marine still good,local people and goverment now prptected the whale shark.,located just 30 minute from gorontalo city with boat. there is 12 pieces whale shark on the marine park .

In Gorontalo bay is the part of Gulf of Tomini, this bay saving link of food of whale shark and other marine diversity.

Nike fish (endemic small fis in Gorontalo bay), Plankton and the other has to be a food for whale shark. every months grow up many plankton and Nike fish in Gorontalo bay.

the whale shark in gorontalo has on the gorontalo bay since thousand years ago, folow the nike fish,plankton and the ecosystem marine vegetation and topografi. but famous on toursm since 3 years ago (2016)…but ten years ago, the divers in sulawesi has watching the whale shark in gorontalo,but they not open information for public.

if you ask the old gorontalo fisherman about the whale shark, they can tell “they watching the fish every week on the gorontalo bay,when they go fishing on the center of gorontalo sea or bay,they will say, from they grand father also tell the story about this fish,”gorango bulan” is the local name.. the story of whale shark in gorontalo fisherman is very famous and friendly,because they watching every week the group of whale shark.

Whale shark in di gorontalo sulawesi indonesia snorkeling diving with whaleshark in gorontalo point spot botu barani tomini bay

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