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Whaleshark in Gorontalo

January 19, 2020

Whaleshark in Gorontalo Now, on 15 January 2020 The Whale shark fish already come back in Gorontalo Bay, they come now 5 pieces, now is the Session of The Whale shark in Gorontalo, if you want to Snorkling trip with this Giant fish, you can Contact Whatsapp or Telephone : +62 822 5968 6668, the Price Snorkeling […]

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Diving in Gorontalo Tomini Bay

December 1, 2019

diving in di gorontalo tomini bay. Discovery Diving in Tomini bay & Sulawesi/Celebes sea Gorontalo. Gorontalo province, located at the tip of Sulawesi, is the perfect place for a marine Research adventure. There are many incredible diving spots in the province, such as Tomini Bay (Teluk Tomini) . Most of diving site take you just a […]

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Paket Wisata Hiu Paus Gorontalo Whaleshark Snorkeling

November 18, 2019

Whaleshark, Orca and Pilot Whale Trip on Gorontalo Bay (Tomini gulf) paket wisata snorkeling hiu paus gorontalo whale shark #whalesharkgorontalo#hiupausgorontalo#sulawesi#tourpackage this month the sesion of whale shark in gorontalo,the whale shark was come bak on the marine Reserve in gorontalo bay. Join the snorkling tour packages with whale shark . Just 300.000 rupiah/person Gorontalo bay is […]

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