North Sulawesi Overland Tours 9Days 8 Nights

Togian islands-Gorontalo-Manado-Bunaken-Tomohon Volcano tour

north sulawesi tour packages

Day 01-Gorontalo

pick up airport,go to whale shark point,snorkling with whale shark

(note: if the season eazy to see whale shark,we not guaranted will see the whale if not the season).

lunch, after that go to Marisa by car,stay in Homestay at Marisa,overnight.

Day 02-Togean islands

breakfast,08:00 cross by ferry boat to togian islands,6 hours cross,arrive in Dolong-Togean islands at 14:00, pick up to resort in Malenge islands,check in resort,rilex..sunset program on beach resort, dinner..

Day 03-Togian islands

breakfast,09:00 island hopping trip ,snorkeling on kalifornia reef,jelly fish lake, lunch on karina beach, relaxing on karina beach (empty island beach),afternoon back to resort,sunset,dinner..

Day 04-Togean islands

breakfast,09:00 island hopping trip,find dolphin,snorkling on reef number 5, visit the sea gipsy sea (bajau village on pulau papan), lunch on beach,back to resort,relax on malenge beach,sunset program..,dinner…

Day 05-GorontaloPaguyaman Forest Reserve

06:00 pick up to dolong harbour,croos to Marisa-Gorontalo 6 hours,arrive 15:00, pick up to border of jungle (Paguyaman Forest Resrve),Open tent in Camping area,Border of Jungle,dinner,rest.., sound of jungle in the night.

Day 06-Paguyaman Forest Reserve.(Jungle Wildlife tour)

Breakfast,08:00 , explore jungle,Discovery of sulawesi Rainforest, discovery endemic sulawesi animal ,Black Macaca,Varioust birds ant green plant..,we will visit the Jungle tribe in Paguyaman Forest, POLAHI tribe,the local people said,they still life natural and the other still nomadic in the jungle and primitive life, Polahi tribe use native langguage, we will lunch on jungle,discovery rainforest untill afternoon, ,check out jungle, transfer to Manado by car, 9 hours drive,dinner on the road,arrive in Manado on 05:00 early morning…

Day 07-Bunaken island.

coffe morning,breakfast,07:00 cross to bunaken 45 minute,check in resort in Bunaken Island,breakfast, relax, an the go snorkeling trip on the coral reef spot, afternoon back to resort,sunset program,dinner rest..

Day 08- Tomohon Volcano area.

Breakfast,07:30 pick up to manado harbour by speedboat,and transfer to Tomohon Volcano area, 1 hours driving to highland of Tomohon, will arrive in Tomohon at 10:00, check in Hotel, go To Mahawu Volcano, see the Crater,after that continue to Lokon Volcano,explore the Volcano Lunch On the road,after that go to Soputan Volcano,black Volcano,discovery the Volcano, afternoon back to Hotel,…

Day 09-Manado Airport.

morning souround in Tomohon Highland,breakfast, Pick up to Manado Airport, the end…

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