Paket Tour Wisata Megalitikum Lembah Bada & Lembah Napu

paket wisata lembah bada megalith

Paket Tour Wisata Megalitikum Lembah Bada & Lembah Napu di sulawesi tengah

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Mistery of Bada Valley Megalith,

Proto Austronesia civilizationz,Bada Valley (also known as Napu Valley) is a megalithic site situated in the Lore Lindu National Park, in the District of Poso, Central Sulawesi islands, Indonesia. Although the megaliths have yet to be formally catalogued and documented (as of 2001) several hundred of them have been located in and around the national park. These megaliths are often carved, and 30 of them depict human / human-like forms. Very little is known about these statues.

Whether archeologists or locals, no one has yet been able to date those statues. They obviously come from a megalithic culture just as we can find all over the world at a time we still can’t accurately date. Just this once, local populations transmitting indigenous wisdom and history from generation to generation state that the statues have always been there. This is invalidating archeologists’  version dating the site around 1300AD. Uncertain dating, added to local indigenous statements and similarity with other sites across the world, could give more accurate dates of 1000BC-5000 BC all the way to 10.000BC, or even more…

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