Diving Togian Islands & Gorontalo, Get Lost Paradise.

diving togian sulawesi

diving togian islands gorontalo sulawesi.

Diving trip around Tomini Bay, on Togian islands & Gorontalo 8 Days 7 nights.

Togian Islands

Spread over a 90 km stretch in the middle of Tomini Bay, the winding, hilly coastlines and equatorial waters of the Togean Islands cast a magical spell of green, yellow and blue, in all the shades imaginable. The Togean or Togian Islands are an archipelago of 200 islands and islets, in the Gulf of Tomini, off the coast of Central Sulawesi, in Indonesia. The three largest islands are Batudaka,Malenge, Togian, Waleabahi and Talatakoh. 

Togian islands (Tomini bay)

The dark green of the islands and the crystal clear water is a perfect setting and has attracted many travelers during the last years. Travelers endure the long journey in search of the mythical beach paradise – many stay longer than they expected. Lazy days sunbathing, beachcombing, diving and snorkeling, exploring the dense jungle interiors – the simple lifestyle can be so alluring.

Togean Islands

Lying in the deep water basin and protected on all sides by the spidery arms of Sulawesi, and miles from anywhere, the calm and clear waters are full of marine life, and the beaches are clean and undisturbed. Togean is formed by volcanic activity; the islands are covered by rainforest and surrounded by coral reef formations, which provide habitat and breeding areas for hawksbill turtle, Green Turtle and the Dugong. The Tonkean Macaque is found in the islands’ forests. The Togian Hawk-owl, discovered in 1999, is endemic to the islands. The Togian White-eye, another endemic bird species, was described in 2008.

From Gorontalo to Togian island with speedboat just 1 Hours, if use the Ferry boat will be 5 hours.

maps togian islands gorontalo
maps Gorontalo-Togian islands
Whale Shark in Gorontalo

this Diving Trip will Combine Destination dive site,Gorontalo and Togian islands. we will start Dive from Gorontalo and then Cross to Togian islands.

Trip Start Every Tuesday & Friday (8 Days 7 Nights).



-Pick up from the Airport of Gorontalo,Transfer to Hotel, Check Dive.

DAY 02-GORONTALO. ( 3X Dive). start in the morning 07:00.

-Whale Shark Point (if No Whale shark we will change the Dive spot to Japanese Cargo Ship Wreck,world war 2 Relic).

-Olele Marine Reserve-Wall Coral Garden

-Macro Dive (betlehem spot)

DAY 03-TOGIAN ISLANDS (from Gorontalo cross to Togian islands with ferry boat).

DAY 04-TOGIAN ISLANDS. (3X Dive). start in the morning 08:00.

-Reef Five

-Malenge Reef Garden.

-Reef five side north.

DAY 05-TOGEAN ISLANDS.(3X Dive). start in the morning 08:00.

-Kalifornia Reef

-Reff one

-Coral Garden

DAY 06-TOGIAN ISLANDS.(island Hopping trip). start in the morning 08:00.

-Find Dolphin

-Snorkling to stingless Jelly fish Lake

-Snorkling in Karina Beach Reef.Relaxing on Beach.

-Visit Sea Gipsy sea in Pulau Papan (Bajau Tribe).

DAY 07-TOGIAN ISLANDS-GORONTALO. (in the afternoon 16:00 of clock cross back to Gorontalo by Ferry boat).


-Pick up to Gorontalo Airport. the end…


Dive Trip Package Price :

IDR 10.000.000 Rupiah/person (2 Person).

IDR 9.000.000 Rupiah/person (4-6 Person).


Price Include :

-Airport Pickup and Drop off.

-Hotel standard In Gorontalo.

-Dive Equipment Full Set.

-Three Meals Everyday & Mineral Water.

-standard Room Resort in Sera Beach Malenge-Togian islands (Front Beach Bungalow).

-Ferry Boat Ticket and Cabin Room Class.

-Dive Master Guide (Padi & SSI).

-local Tour Guide/Buddy.

-Boat Trip island Hoping and Boat Transfer.

-Entrance Fee,Tax

For Booking Diving trip,Please contact the Dive operator,click this link Web : BAJAKLAUT DIVING.

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