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diving in di gorontalo tomini bay.

Discovery Diving in Tomini bay & Sulawesi/Celebes sea Gorontalo.

Gorontalo province, located at the tip of Sulawesi, is the perfect place for a marine Research adventure. There are many incredible diving spots in the province, such as Tomini Bay (Teluk Tomini) . Most of diving site take you just a few minute from town, Diving in Gorontalo mean diving within the richness of biodiversity, health and unique coral and reefs and Species. there is two sea cover this land, Tomini Bay in the south part and Celebes sea (sulawesi sea),Laut Sulawesi in the North part.

Tomini Bay is a haven for divers because it is located right on the equator, which means its waters are filled with various kinds of unique and exotic sea creatures. Meanwhile, Tomini Bay Gorontalo is known as a challenging spot for professional divers across the globe. It is considered as the gateway to an underwater paradise, with some divers even calling it the most beautiful diving site in the world.

Magnifecent Ecology in Tomini Bay Gorontalo.

Whale Shark in Gorontalo (Tomini bay).

Indonesian Seas in the center of the Coral Triangle have high marine biodiversity, and a unique area is Sulawesi Island that has the large semi-enclosed Tomini Bay-Gorontalo formed within the island of sulawesi. A sampling survey for leptocephali was conducted in March 2010 at 48 stations in the southern Celebes Sea and in Tomini Bay that collected 2056 leptocephali (6.0–319 mm) of at least 11 anguilliform and 3 elopomorph families and ∼126 species.

About 44 Muraenidae, 26 Ophichthidae, 25 Congridae, and 11 Chlopsidae species and < 5 species of each of the other families were collected. The congrid, Ariosoma scheelei, the chlopsid, Kaupichthys, serrivomerids, Nemichthys and an ophichthid species of Neenchelys were the most abundant species/taxa. Comparisons of the two sampling areas found that ∼105 species were among the 1090 leptocephali from 21 tows in Tomini Bay and ∼78 species were among the 966 leptocephali from 30 Celebes Sea tows.

Species such as chlopsids (25% of leptocephali in Tomini Bay), some muraenids, congrids, moringuids, and serrivomerids were more abundant in Tomini Bay than in the Celebes Sea, and some rare species were only collected there. The wide size range of most taxa indicated that many species spawn in the bay and their larvae are likely retained there.

Large eddies in the Celebes Sea appeared to have transported leptocephali offshore. The high biodiversity of marine eel larvae suggest the unique semi-enclosed Tomini Bay may offer a good environment for spawning and self-recruitment, which may partly explain the high number of species of some families. More research is needed to evaluate the species composition of eels in Tomini bay and the wider region and to facilitate understanding and conservation of the diverse marine habitats of the Indonesian Seas. Tomini bay made from Volcanic Geology Activity long time ago.

Eco Diving Holiday in Gorontalo Wildlife Nature.

Saronde islands on Gorontalo

Wildlife and Nature,There are so many things that make Gorontalo perfect for Diving holiday, the beauty of its nature, the culture and not forget to mention, the unique people,Sea gipsy or Bajau Tribe in Torosiaje island Village is the Unique Marine Culture in Gorontalo,

in Gorontalo there are landscape of Mountains, hills,Rainforest (Nantu forest and Bogani naniwartabone national park),the Rainforest of Gorontalo is the House of Sulawesi endemic Animal,you can see the sulawesi Apes Macaca,Babirusa.Hornbill and Bird sulawesi,Tarsier spectrum,Cus cus.

place for eco relax like sandy white Beach,Islands,Hot springs lake,spice culynary shore line are the main characteristic of Gorontalo and it makes the islands perfect for marine tourism.there is 123 empty island and hundred diving spot and snorkling in Gorontalo.

Most of diving site take you just a few minute from town, diving in Gorontalo means diving within the richness of biodiversity, health and unique coral and reef. Meanwhile, one perfect destination that characterizing the beauty of marine life is Tomini Bay.

Tomini Bay is famous for under water habitat and undefined creatures. There is several number of unsettled small islands here and this place is just like heaven for divers, because the geographic position of Tomini Bay itself, which is crossed by the equator line, has naturally presented various kinds of sea creature inside. Tomini Bay is said to be the hidden Paradise on the Equator.

In Tomini Bay Gorontalo, you can found and Meet the Whale shark,Orca,Pilot Whale, dolphin (torsiops trancatus), Giant Reef (Petrosia Sp.), Schooling of Gobi Fish (Bryaninops erythrops), Schooling Baracuda,Sting Ray,Eagle Ray,Napoleon fish,Bumbhead parot fish,Salvador Dali sponge (Petrosia lignose), Acanthogorgia Sp., Anemon Koralimorf (Discosoma Sp.), plectorhinchus chaetodonoides, Blenni (Escenius Caeruliventris), Cardinal Fish, damsel, platax pinnatus, scorpaenopsis, oxycephala, goropa fish, butterfly fish, pusillus, cockatoo fish, Randal fish, parapterois hetururus, Bothus Sp ” half face fish, frog fish, Nudibrancia, Seahorse and pigmy seahorse.there are wreck japanese cargo from word war 2 in Gorontalo,the complete dive contour,deop wall and slop and cave dive site,macro dive also some special in gorontalo. #divinggorontalosulawesiguide

maps of Gorontalo Province
Pulo Cinta Eco Resort in Gorontalo.

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