Island Hopping Gorontalo

gorontalo tour package

Gorontalo tour package islands hopping trip 1 day trip

island hoping trip in Gorontalo (Fullday trip).

Gorontalo is the ancient Volcanic ring site,the presure process of old volcanic million years ago,limboto lake kaldera and geothermal hotsprings made the relic and track of big tekto-volcanic process in Gorontalo,Magma island in the north gorontalo is the site track of earth geology story long time ago.

bogisa island gorontalo
saronde island gorontalo
saronde island gorontalo

Gorontalo located have on Northern Sulawesi (beetween central sulawesi and north sulawesi)

Gorontalo have 123 tropical island,coral reef in gorontalo more concentrate,healty and impresif,south gorontalo position inside in the gulf of tomini and north gorontalo in the sulawesi sea. Wall and deep is the topografi of marine reserve in gorontalo,morfologi and topografi of the sea in Gorontalo make the good ecosystem for giant fish exist and stay in gorontalo sea,Whale shark,orca,pilot whale and mola mola is one of the most animal in Gorontalo sea.

bogisa island gorontalo
bogisa island gorontalo

many long sandy beach in the island of Gorontalo,quoite and still pure nature.In Gorontalo have the biggest national park in sulawesi,bogani naniwartabone and Nantu forest reserve and Paguyaman forest is the protected wildlife  jungle in Gorontalo. The rainforest in gorontalo is the house of diversity flora and endemic animal of Sulawesi,like babirusa,black macaque (sulawesi apes),tarsier,babirusa and Hornbill,cus cus and other Sulawesi bird. Gorontalo inside on the wallace line area and equator line.

island hopinggorontalo
Marine reserve gorontalo

Gorontalo collect many beautifull waterfal,river and mountain, still exist the jungle tribe in jungle on gorontalo,Polahi tribe is the jungle comunity in gorontalo,they still life primitive.

this is the perfect and amazing planet for wildlife holiday,traveling photography,research and escape. Gorontalo province located on northern sulawesi indonesia.

whale shark gorontalo bay
whale shark gorontalo bay

Tour package gorontalo: birding,diving,snorkling,jungle tour,wildlife primitive experience,cast away.


in the Morning 07:00 pick up in Hotel, Go to Gorontalo bay for Snorkling with Whale shark,

09:00 road to north gorontalo harbour, and then with the boat trip cross to Saronde island, island hoping trip.

we will explore 4 island and sandy white beach and Snorkling trip on the marine reserve,Relaxing on beach,feel the quoite and beautifull tropical island, lunch on the beach.

we island hoping to Bogisa island,mohinggito island,Magma island and saronde island.

sunset program in the beach of saronde island.

back to harbour,pick up to Hotel. the end…

TOUR PACKAGE PRICE : 500.000 Rupiah/Person (4 person)

750.000/person (2 person).

Price include : Private Car,Private Boat Trip,Snorkle,life jacket,lunch,Tour Guide,Tax,Entrance fee.

Not Include : Hotel.

For Guiding service,please contact us,

untuk pemandu wisata silahkan kotak kami.

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